Pilates for Rehab

I’m officially 2 months post-op from my arthroscopic shoulder surgery! While my surgery was to remove some bone fragments from my shoulder joint, my strength and mobility has been greatly affected, as I had suffered from this injury many years ago, and had developed poor muscle patterns in compensation.

I’ve begun a Rehabilitation Pilates program, at Rebalance Sports Medicine. It’s a game changer for shoulder work! An effective rehab option for people recovering from injury to help re-build strength and stability 1-on-1 with a qualified instructor. My physiotherapist works concurrently with my Pilates instructor, Emma, to manage my rehab.



My first session was quite challenging (legit had an emotional response during the session). Emma has me working on my breathing, proper rib placement and core activation, scapular stabilization and overall rotator cuff strength. Using both the Reformer and resistance bands, Emma works with me to help engage and activate my weakened muscles, and build control in my movements.

It’s a great form of training for anyone needing help with any muscular imbalances or dysfunction. With Pilates, you learn how to move your body in a flexible way, while having the benefit of your instructor cueing your movements and making corrections along the way. The movements are slow and controlled and the instructor cues provide excellent feedback to what muscles are meant to be engaged. I’m excited about my progress and getting stronger with each session.



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