What happens when you don’t feel like running?

Motivation. Ah. Something I was dearly lacking last week.

I had just completed my first official week of Half-Marathon training and was feeling pretty good. I had side-stepped a cold, mapped out my runs for the week when something strange happened.

I didn’t feel like running. At all. It was cold, (It’s Winter, I’ve been running in the cold all season!), but somehow the weather just got to me. Too much snow. It was a hectic week at work and I felt tired. So I didn’t run. Man did I feel guilty though. I’m “on a training plan”, I’m supposed to “love” running,

What do you do when you’re lacking motivation?


Crew Love
For me? Crew runs. Last Thursday there was a city run Nike Running Canada planned that united some local run crews together to expose runners to the great groups available in the city. I packed my gear in the morning, told a few friends I was going and committed to be there. Regardless of how I felt. And I was so glad I did!


Strength in Numbers
There is something about strength in numbers that simply motivates. Running can be so solitary, yet pair up with a runner or two (or fifty) and you can instantly find yourself banding together, sharing goals and race plans and cheering each other on. That run proved to be that and more! I chatted with new people I’d never met, ran a faster pace at points of the run, and simply had FUN! I’d forgotten that ultimately running was fun!

Crews motivate. Crews elevate. I’ve been lucky to run with a number of crews and clubs in Toronto, and you can often find me running the streets of Parkdale with the Parkdale Roadrunners.


So if you find yourself needing that extra push, find a local run crew or join a run club. (If you’re in Toronto, come out to a Parkdale run!). Remember, you can be stronger, faster, better together!


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  1. Sounds like fun! Maybe someday I’ll get up to Canada to run with you all!

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