Refuse to hibernate


Winter is here in the northeast, but that is no excuse to hide under the covers all season and hibernate! (Or worse yet, but stuck on the “dreadmill” all season). With some smart layering and winterized gear you can enjoy the outdoors year round for running!

Layering is Key:

  • Start with a warm base layer on top, dry-wicking, breathable material like this top.
  • Add a fleece lined half-zip or other warm, breathable top with a high collar for warmth.
  • A wind-resistant shell or jacket with high visibility is ESSENTIAL in my opinion. Be seen on the streets as the nights grow longer, and help block the wind from your body.
  • As the temperature drops you can always add a thermal vest over or under a shell for added warmth. You still want to check for breathability and movement. You need to be able to move in it!
  • For bottoms, I personally love thermal tights! There are many on the market, try them on, see how they feel. You are bound to find one in your price range! I pair mine up with leg warmers too on colder days! Something good came out of the 80’s fitness fashion craze! LOL!
  • No need to break the budge either. My first winter running I did it “Rocky” styles and ran in cheap track pants with some leggings layered underneath! Whatever gets you out!


Shoes + Accessories:

  • If you’re looking to invest in a new pair of shoes for the winter, consider a pair that are winterized. Look for high visibility features, like reflective elements, and shoes that offer water-repellency/resistance to help on slushy/snowy days to keep your feet dry. Nike offers a “Shield Pack” model on some of their popular shoe styles.
  • There are some light trail shoes that have a thicker sole with more grip that can help in the snowy conditions also. Always consider where the majority of your runs will take place and talk with a running shoe retailer for their recommendations.
  • GLOVES + HAT = essential winter running items! Keep your hands and head warm on your run. Again, the key is warm fleece with some breathable factors. Look for materials that also offer wind-resistant factors in your gloves/mittens. You will thank me.

How much layering is required?
The key for layering smart during the winter is that you don’t want to dress too warmly so that you over heat on the run and end up getting cold from too much sweat. The rule of thumb is to dress as if it is 10 degrees (Celsius) warmer than it really is. So if the temperature is -10 Celsius, dress as if it is 0.

Last tip
HAVE FUN!! It’s winter. We deal. Feel like a kid again and just lace up and get out there. Feel the air in your lungs, hit a local trail and enjoy the beauty winter has to offer!

Let me know how your winter runs are going! Tag your runs #refusetohibernate and follow me on Twitter/Instagram: @MelissaD_RMT



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