how will you make it count in 2013?


As the start of 2013 is here, everyone talks resolutions, what will you do differently, what will you try that’s new, will you stick to it or not? I’d like to think more about making GOALS for this upcoming year, rather than resolutions. I want things to be achieved, or well on their way to achieved.

What will I accomplish in 2013? I will graduate college (again), as a Massage Therapist. I plan on passing my Provincial Board Exams and become an RMT (registered massage therapist). Move into phase two of my life helping people heal and enjoy a new state of wellness. I hope to work with weekend warriors, athletes and sport teams. Help keep them in fantastic shape they work so hard for week in and week out.

En route to this I continue to run. Since my first love of boxing is still on hold, running has become my new fitness passion. This year I want to PB a 10km (60 min or less), AND I will conquer a Half Marathon. I’ve run one before. 7 years ago. Without proper training…I endured. 2.5hrs. I definitely want to crush that time and do well. I’m well on my way, running with a better schedule, running with purpose and with friends who keep me motivated! That is truly half the battle.

Another lifestyle goal is to incorporate more yoga into my life. It helps with general health and wellness, keeps my limber for running, the strength and flexibility helped me before when I was fighting. It’s challenging and restorative at the same time. My goal is to move with breathe more easily, and see how it translates over into the rest of my life.

Art is my other passion and I let it slide a little in 2012. School has been my main focus, and I want to paint more, create more in 2013. Large and small, I had a few small shows in 2012 and I aim to build on that and continue to grow creatively and see where my art takes me this year!

2013 will be big. I can feel it. I plan to blog more, so thank you for “tuning in” thus far on my ride to balance, rhythm and motion!

Check out some great blogs I follow for making goals for 2013:


Fast Company


4 Comments Add yours

  1. trueindigo says:

    Sounds like some exciting plans for 2013. Enjoy the journey!

  2. Nice blog here, I will follow you please do the same if you see fit too.
    Isaac Hall

  3. Miranda says:

    Amazing goals! 2013 is going to be a great year!

  4. I just discovered your blog! Congrats on the Nike feature and good luck training for your upcoming races! Sounds like your year is going to be a great one full of new achievements.

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