milestones, injury and the benefits of rest



Milestone. 700km since I started using the Nike+ Running app in December of 2010! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this running tool and don’t leave home without it. It tracks my distance, pace, maps out my runs and provides motivation through rewards + reminders like this!

It’s a great feeling…especially if you’re dealing with aches, pains and potential injury.

My left foot has been feeling sore of late. The outside edge beside the ball of my foot has been giving me some problems and mixed with wearing heels a few times recently, the added stress of running has added to the inflammation. I took 4 days off from running to rest my foot and after todays 6.4km run it’s still sore. 😦 I’ll ice and stretch and see how it feels over the next few days….might have to see a foot specialist so I don’t do any serious damage. 

Running has become a part of my life and I can’t imaging not being able to hit the streets. As they say:



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