aligning my chakras

I’m in my last term as a Massage Therapy student. There are a lot of things I’m learning in class that overlap new training modules I’m learning in my running. It’s pretty sweet the way things align like that.

One of the things we learn is teaching our clients proper stretching for home care post treatment. Massage is great for a variety of conditions, but you need to reinforce that with great home care. Running (or any exercise) is the same. Stretching is essential. I’ve already written about the benefits here, but my body has been needing something a bit more.

Since I’ve been logging more miles, I’ve found my stretch routine has been getting a bit stale. I’ve started (with the awesome help of my Nike+ Run Club!) incorporating some yoga post run. The instructors set you through special poses focused on the main areas that tighten up fast for runners. Hips, IT Band, Glutes/Piriformis, Low Back, Quads/Hamstrings. OH THE JOY of DISCOVERY!! The poses are simple and easy enough that I can begin showing them to my clients as well for remedial stretches post-massage!

I’m officially hooked on Yoga.

In massage, I deal with clients who lack flexibility, may have poor core strength, and misalignment. I can work to adjust soft tissue and joint problems, but strengthening and stretching as remedial exercise post massage is key. Yoga is the perfect remedy.

Yoga can help you recover after runs/workouts, open up the tight areas, improve range of motion, and develop mental focus and concentration. What better compliment for a runner!

Sounds like a win/win! So in searching YouTube for a good video to share, I came across two:

This one shows 3 simple poses that can help runners increase their stretch in their legs and open up those hips:

This one is a funny little yoga parody (and source of my blog title today!):


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