why I run


Running. Either you love it or you hate it. There’s often not much middle ground. The web is an infinite source of benefits and reasons you should run. Whether to lose weight, increase joint health (it’s true…your knees will thank you!), or challenge yourself by entering races, here is my story on why I run.

I started running casually about 10 years ago, but would only do it in warm weather. I needed something to do outdoors to get me active from my former desk job life. Then I took it more seriously when I began boxing. You need roadwork to compliment your training in the ring. I hated it. I was winded, going too fast/far too soon and I wasn’t running with proper footwear and ended up with shin splints.

A quick visit to a physiotherapist and proper fitting from my local Running Room, I was a newbie runner reborn!

I started slow, started reading running magazines and talking to runners and educated myself on long runs, tempo training and fartleks!

I run year round now, sprint work, hill repeats, long runs, rain, snow, sun. Even through various shoulder injuries I’ve encountered over the years, I could always run.

What I’ve learned through it all…what I love about it is…

It’s easy and free: I can run anytime, anywhere, as long as I have my kicks and comfy (preferably dry-fit) clothes.
Adaptable: I can make my runs as easy or hard as I choose. Sprints, hills, track work, long and slow, run on sand. I’ve even begun adding in some plyometrics and core work in the middle of some runs to spice it up! I can run for 10 minutes or 1 hour depending on my schedule!
Clarity: Stressed? Creative block? RUN! A good run always clears my head, I don’t listen to music, I run a trail and listen to my surroundings, I really remember to breathe and often at the end I will feel better, and have a fresh perspective on any situations I’m dealing with.
Run clubs/Run crews: Running can be very solitary. BUT…runners have also realized this and there are some AMAZING (and FREE) run clubs and run crews available in cities across the world! Nike, Lululemon and The Running Room are just a few in my city (Toronto) that offer weekly run clubs. Just enter the hashtag #crewlove on Twitter or Instagram to find amazing urban run crews that build a community around running! With both you get to run new routes in your city, talk shop with other runners, challenge yourself to farther distances, faster speeds and racing! Run, Party, Repeat! How can you beat that!
Simba: For those that know me, it’s no secret I love my dog. He’s also one of the main reasons I run. He has a need for speed! He loves it as much as I do and sets a great pace for me to follow!

I run to push myself beyond my limits and keep my body happy and healthy.

Are you lacing up your shoes to run now?

photo credit: Wayne Bailey


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