the student becomes a teacher

students at Undisputed working hard for my first class!

I’m a fighter. My combat sport of choice is boxing. I’ve been involved with the sport for almost 10 years. Quite a milestone. While I’m still considered a novice amateur (as I have only had 5 “official” fights, recorded through Boxing Ontario), over the years I have spent countless hours in the gym training under the tutelage of some of Canada’s best coaches and sparring with some amazing athletes. Suffering through various shoulder injuries and returning to school full-time has made it difficult to train and compete like I want to. So I’m looking at new ways to stay involved in the sport I love so dearly.

Today was a monumental day. I was going to teach my very first boxing class! By. My. Self.

Nervous? YES! Excited? OH HELL YES!

I have to thank coach Archie Luz of Undisputed MMA for giving me fantastic opportunity to try my hand at teaching. The midday boxing class was energetic and welcoming and at the end of class the thanks you’s and fist bumps let me know I did a good job!

Special shout outs go to all my coaches over the years that taught me everything I know and continue to inspire me! Canadian Heavyweight Champion Tony Morrison, Brad Gonsalves, Marcus Price, Olympian Chris Johnson and Ryan Grant.


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