fight like a girl

This years Olympic games in London is pretty historic. Women’s amateur boxing is being included for the first time. After years of campaigning for inclusion, a small field of competitors, in only three weight classes will be going for gold this summer. I’ve been seeing some great support in the media for the women, who…

daily [video] inspiration: voices

Nike celebrates how far women’s sports have come by featuring elite athletes who defied convention—women who wanted to play so badly, they wrote their own rules. #MAKETHERULES

the student becomes a teacher

I’m a fighter. My combat sport of choice is boxing. I’ve been involved with the sport for almost 10 years. Quite a milestone. While I’m still considered a novice amateur (as I have only had 5 “official” fights, recorded through Boxing Ontario), over the years I have spent countless hours in the gym training under…

making myself….

balance. rhythm. motion. 3 core principles guiding my life. follow my adventures. enjoy my musings. be inspired to find your balance. rhythm. motion. as I find mine.  I’m making myself unstoppable…what are you making yourself?