#Runners Wanted! Your @RunCRS #TYS10K cheer squad awaits #RunWithMe

Originally posted on Paramedic Mike:
 Look at those smiling eager faces! Faces of people who would like nothing better than to help you through your journey as you train for #TYS10K! I am…

5 Things Your MT Reeeealy Wants You To Know

Originally posted on A Touch of Healing:
Sometimes we get in such a routine that we just assume someone else understands how something works. That some things are “a given”. Many times, though,…

what happens when you don’t feel like running?

Motivation. Ah. Something I was dearly lacking last week. I had just completed my first official week of Half-Marathon training and was feeling pretty good. I had side-stepped a cold, mapped out my… Continue reading

roll out: self-massage tips, tools + techniques

In between Massage Therapy treatments, I always offer clients some self-massage tips/techniques that they can do at home to help reduce tight muscles. There are many tools on the market that can help… Continue reading

smashing goals in 2014

As I welcome 2014, naturally I reflect on the year that was, 2013. I don’t like to make “resolutions” so much as set goals. Small goals can yield big results and keep you… Continue reading

refuse to hibernate

Winter is here in the northeast, but that is no excuse to hide under the covers all season and hibernate! (Or worse yet, but stuck on the “dreadmill” all season). With some smart… Continue reading

Benefits of Massage for Sport

As an RMT (Registered Massage Therapist), I often get asked this question of how massage can be beneficial to athletes. You train hard and demand a lot from your body to perform.  Massage… Continue reading

sometimes 10 minutes is all you need

A hectic few days of work/travel and no running = a grumpy Momo…so instead of a dog walk, Simba and I took it to the streets for a 2km tempo run before bed… Continue reading

ready, set, goals!

Well now. Hello again! It’s been FAR TOO LONG since my last blog post and I do apologize for that. What have I been up to you ask?😉 Finishing off school for my… Continue reading

keep pushing

I’ve been busy finishing up school + working but wanted to post an amazing shot courtesy of Nike Running Canada that featuring ME! Took part in a Defeat Winter challenge and then this… Continue reading